In 1983, Mrs. Harriet "Mudear" Bledsoe was diagnosed with a medical condition that led to the need for her to have surgery.

After the surgery, her doctor told her she would have to take prescribed medication for the rest of her life.

Mudear took the doctor's medication for two years, then inquired of the Lord to provide her with help because the medication was too expensive.  She says the Lord then asked her, "Why don't you use some of the herbs in your garden?"

Mudear gathered the herbs and taught herself how to make an herbal tea and herbal salve.  The tea and salve she created became a part of her daily diet and routine.  She soon began to use them exclusively.

Over the years, Mudear's Herbal Tea and Salve have worked effectively to help maintain her health.

Harriet "Mudear" Bledsoe has served as an inspiration to all who knew and met her.  Mudear birthed 14 and raised 17 children and was 92 years old at her passing.

She always demonstrated an unshakeable faith in God and attributed her good health to Him and her herbal products.

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-T. Buckner, St. Louis MO